At Trove Designs we talk a lot about "Traditional Upholstery" - In case you're not sure what this means or how it differs to modern upholstery, here's a little guide for your information.

Traditional Upholstery from Trove Designs

Trove Designs hand make individual pieces of furniture that really are entirely hand made

All our one-off pieces are unique and made with care and attentionto detail, made to the highest standards.

Traditional upholstery is completely different to modern upholstery techiniques and uses traditional materials and methods. Chairs and sofas are first stripped back to the original frame, which is restored at this stage.   The seat is then re-webbed, the webbing is streched tight and tacked by hand into place. Then the springs are positioned onto the webbing, each coil spring is hand tied & stitched in. A layer of thick tarpaulin hessian is then applied to the springs & the tops of the springs are hand sewn into place. Thr first stuffing is achieved by stitching a layer of coir and hair to the hessian.This is then is then  hand regulated to give a smooth base to the seat. A  layer of hessian is then applied  and stitched into place. The shape of the seat is formed by rows of hand stitching, blind stitching and  top stitching. A layer of soft  horse hair or cashmere is then applied by hand & regulated to ensure a smooth seat. Cotton wool wadding is then placed on top of the hair - this provides a comfortable seat and prevents any sharp hairs poking through the top layer. Calico is then applied by hand to fix all of those layers into place and to further shape the seat Once the calico stage is reached, the recovering can begin, a layer of poly wadding is placed under the top fabirc to prevent it slipping. This is a lot of work  and the back and the arms of the chair or sofa now need to be built in the same way.


A hand made piece, made in this way, takes time and skill.

The result is a fantastic seat, so comfortable and made using the techniques and materials employed for centuries.

In contrast, modern upholstery tends to use thick layers of synthetic  foam which are stapled into position instead of the horse hair and hessian. The springs tend to be spring units which are stapled into place, rather than individual, hand stitched coil springs.These techniques are much quicker and cheaper and can be used on a mass production basis.


For antique furniture, traditional upholstery techniques are recommended

- replacing original upholstery with modern materials, like foam, would de-value the anitque piece and change the character of the chair.

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